Everlasting Eye Care accepts most forms of vision insurance. We understand insurance coverages can be confusing; therefore, we are here to help!

If you have insurance, please let us know when scheduling your appointment.

If possible, give us your information so that we will know exactly what your insurance covers before you come into our office.

When it is time for your appointment, we will go over your benefits. If you need eyeglasses or contact lenses, we will be able to discuss what your insurance will pay and what you are required to pay to help you make your decision.

We will take care of your insurance claims so that you don’t need to worry. We will do our best to get you as much help as we can with your insurance so you have less to pay out of pocket. Please understand that you are required to pay whatever your insurance does not cover, even if our estimates were not exactly accurate.

If you have any questions about your insurance, don’t hesitate to contact us.